Bizzlogic’s groundbreaking Virtual Production solution is reshaping the film industry

virtual production

From high-quality previs, to virtual production, to in-camera visual effects that take the post out of production, our Tools and Partners are ushering in a new era of storytelling. Whether you're working on episodic animation, live-action blockbusters, or live productions, real-time workflows are radically transforming established pipelines and delivering renewed creative control.
Virtual Production describes a video production in an LED studio. It allows film directors to transport their talents and products to any location without ever having to leave the film studio. This eliminates the need for on-location filming.

Studio shooting is done with a "tracked" camera in front of a large LED wall, while the virtual background adjusts to the position of the camera. This professional solution can be used for live events, broadcasting, film, TV shows, commercials, music videos and advertising, among others.

Virtual Production Features

  • Camera movement is synchronised with the virtual background, the parallax shift creating an illusion of “depth” in the scene
  • Locations can be changed as instantly as environments are created
  • Virtual background scenes can be supplemented with a "physical" foreground
  • Talent and Products are illuminated in real time by the LED wall
  • Lighting from background and from the set naturally merge the foreground and background

Virtual Production not only offers you considerable cost and time savings ... also brings huge workflow benefits. VFX artists can now prepare framing and scene selection for the day of shooting, while film crews can visualise locations before a shoot to make better creative decisions. In addition, post-production correction loops are shortened due to on-location flexibility.

By filming a virtual background, rather than chroma, Actors realise their stage position from the scenery. There are also no more blurred transitions from foreground to background and with very fine objects such as hair.

And finally, using several LED screens in-front of and behind the actors, changing in real time to match the desired scene, the actors are always shown in the perfect light.  


Bizzlogics Virtual Production offers unlimited creative possibilities and is the future of virtual sets and real-time animation. It is a highly effective immersive technology with the potential to impress!

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